10 Best Steps for Co-Parents to ‘Clear the Air’

  1. lorisa stein 10 best steps for co parentsUnderstand the value to you and your family’s wellness to manage this conflict to a peaceful resolution
  2. Deescalate the tension by offering an invitation to talk in a private setting
  3. Keep interference from extended family and friends at bay to ensure privacy and focused communication between the co-parents
  4. Initiate the conversation to limit the negative impact of the tension and emotions being watched and modelled by your children
  5. Take responsibility for your actual or apparent actions which may have contributed to the misunderstanding or misstatements attributed to you
  6. Explain your understanding of the facts and circumstances which only you may have known at the time
  7. Apologize  for your actions or role in an authentic manner and be receptive to accepting an apology in return
  8. Confirm your shared understanding going forward that the matter has been satisfactorily dealt with and will not be recycled over and over again
  9. Develop an agreed set of tools to promptly address new conflicts in the future
  10. Share age-appropriate insights and teaching moments with the children to help them with their sibling relationships

Co-parenting issues can be difficult and affect the whole family.  To learn more about the Collaborative Approach to resolving problems respectfully please contact Lorisa Stein directly at 416 596-8081 or use the Contact Page to send her a confidential message. Lorisa will reply to you at her earliest opportunity.