5 Values of Engaging a Collaborative Team

  1. lorisa stein 5 values of engaging a collaborative teamCollaboration is a principled cooperative process between spouses and parents and their family-focused trained advisors. The team of interdisciplinary professionals offers their skills, education, and expertise to your family during its transition to a cohabitation partnership, marriage, or upon separation.
  2. The collaborative team’s endpoint to develop with the family their fulfilling substantive resolution for their future. The secondary goal is to do no harm. Professionals invited into a family’s world in transition add another layer of interruption and uncertainty. Care is taken to earn that trust responsibly.
  3. Each member of a collaborative team offers their technical skills to advise the family on its financial welfare, the best interests of their children, and provide powerful legal advice identifying and ensuring compliance of legal rights and obligations. Only necessary professionals participate when their knowledge is needed.
  4. The interpersonal skills of each collaborative team member mean relevant questions that will elicit the foundational needs and wishes of each spouse and parent. Interests are valued and respected. Communication is transparent, supportive, and shared.
  5. The collaborative relationship may be ad hoc in nature to understand and negotiate critical legal, relationship, and financial challenges arising from the family’s transition. However, the goal of the engagement is a durable written agreement. A balanced and fair contract based on full financial disclosure with independent legal counsel withstands scrutiny and proves reliable over time. Any agreed-upon updates, including parenting arrangements, typically occur as the children mature.

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