7 Wishes of a Family Law Lawyer

  1. lorisa stein 7 wishesAsk yourself what outcomes you are seeking before you confirm your decision to separate. Who can assist you to understand the consequences of and implications to others when exercising those plans?
  2. Use both listening and hearing without projecting your ideas, judgments, and opinions. Allow your mind to become silent to the ‘noise’ within to really listen and learn.
  3. Be receptive to moments of personal growth. Understanding and calming the fear of change allows curiosity to bloom. “What ifs” can be powerful motivators.
  4. Consider what your comments sound and feel like if they were coming from your partner. How does it feel to now be the recipient? Anything you’d think about rephrasing?
  5. Recall what makes conversations special with your favourite ‘go-to’ person. Big picture open-ended questions. Empathetic nudges to keep you going in a positive direction. Developing a plan akin to a well thought out business proposal.
  6. Reasonableness. Practicality. Fairness. Cost. They are all critical components of life decisions affecting family.
  7. Celebrating the small sweet surprise moments of everyday life. Drops of joy are there for the taking. Indulge.

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