A Child’s Place? Being a Child

From a parent’s perspective: the goal is to keep the children away from their adult business. Private conversations. Absences by one or both parents at meal times. Hushed voices. From the children’s perspective: the emotional huddles, the atypical outbursts and the squabbling over simple scheduling matters spell out something is amiss and very wrong. The

Valuations in More Detail

Valuations are an important part of resolving property and support issues in a family law matter. Assets subject to being valued include the matrimonial homes, family businesses, hobby farms, and securities held in investment portfolios.  An income stream from investments, rental properties, and family business are also common sources from which support obligations are paid.

10 Top Wishes of a Family Law Lawyer

The spouses reflect on the positive reasons when they first came together.  The pause brings calm. Calm brings meaningful discussion. Mindfully remove the animosity of the moment and understand the issue under scrutiny. Stating the problem in isolation brings clarity to then be able to resolve it. Appreciate that at all times the children know

When you think Divorce…?

Separation ? Loss, pain, fear, expensive, loss of identity, freedom? Unable to breathe, loss of benefits, unanticipated, amicable resolution? About Children? Love, anguish, cherish, mischievous, all mine, schedules and more schedules! Disciplined, protect- them- for- the- rest- of -their -lives, comfort, chores, fear? Inexperienced, distant, loud, supporting, trusting? Your Home? My neighbourhood, expensive, safe, family

It’s All in the Numbers

Today’s family law negotiations are all about the numbers. The value of assets, the amount of support, and the cost of living. The numbers tell who will receive how much, directs us to consider tax considerations, and the timing of the payments. And that’s exactly what you want to know when negotiating a marriage contract,

Getting the Best Family Law Lawyer: It begins with a “C”

Top 10 Characteristics of a Collaborative Family Law Lawyer Competence: Your lawyer of choice sufficiently skilled, intelligent, and flush with analytical skills, she is also cognizant of her weaknesses. She knows when to turn to a trusted colleague practicing in a complementary field of law to offer assistance. Your lawyer will be enrolled in professional

Tackling Your Own Separation Agreement, Really?

The online kits available to write your separation agreement look quite appealing. It’s a quick and inexpensive. You can select whatever clauses catch your eye. Leave behind the small print and whatever seems overly complicated. Agree, print and sign. Not so fast. The headaches you’ll face by drafting such an important personal document on your

Adult Children in Family Transition

What about the Adult Children when the Parents divorce?   Left Behind or Fully Involved?   Young adults often are excluded from conversation or ignored as the parents move from a partnership to separate independent households. Whether the changes the family undergoes, as a private family matter or played out publicly, whether seemingly without a