5 Values of Engaging a Collaborative Team

Collaboration is a principled cooperative process between spouses and parents and their family-focused trained advisors. The team of interdisciplinary professionals offers their skills, education, and expertise to your family during its transition to a cohabitation partnership, marriage, or upon separation. The collaborative team’s endpoint to develop with the family their fulfilling substantive resolution for their

Why Collaborative Negotiations May Fail and How to Fix It

1. Uncertain and undeclared goals: The collaborative path starts with each parent or partner stating in clear terms what they each want to accomplish together. They each declare their intention to be transparent in presenting their needs, wishes, and dreams. Obscured or unclear goals create doubt and suspicion. Railroading discussions and dismissing urgent problems requiring immediate

Shared Parenting: Challenging Questions

Parents who are struggling to develop a balanced, functional, and appropriate shared residential and decision-making arrangement for their children after separation or divorce may find it to be a difficult exercise. Not only are there logistical considerations, such as how to pick up and drop off the children at educational facilities, activities, and health centers,

Respecting Family and Business Boundaries

Overhearing shop talk at the family picnic, the cousins and siblings who aren’t involved in the daily family business operations feel isolated and ostracized. Separating spouses may strain the lines of authority at work seeking allies and emotional support. How can entrepreneurial families strike the right chord on dissonant members and maintain secure and flourishing

3 Lessons from the Divorce Journey

Divorce can be a life-altering event shaping a spouse’s perception of the world around them. During the process of divorce, separating spouses can receive input from several different sources, including their family law lawyer. With so many influencers having a rooted interest in the separation, it is easy for clients to become overwhelmed by the

2016’s Worst Divorce Tips

Recent advances in technology have afforded more people the ability to have instant access to information. One result is the wide dissemination of misinformation and inaccurate advice which when mistaken for and relied upon as valid legal advice can lead to poor decision making on important family law matters. In life-altering transitions, such as divorce,