Oh Joyful Weddings!

Relishing the abundance of attention, the many warm embraces, congratulatory fist bumps, gathering of family, friends and special guests. Honouring all guests for joining with you for your union. Celebrating the spirit of the occasion, your hopes, dreams and plans coming to full fruition while stumbling and learning along the way and being humble and

Inaugural South Toronto Collaborative Event

I’d like to share my presentation with you at our inaugural South Toronto Collaborative event. More than a decade ago, I initiated and continue to facilitate the South Toronto Collaborative Small Interdisciplinary Practice Group. It started as a friendly forum for newly-trained collaborative professionals all working in their own fields of expertise – lawyers, financial

Surviving Your Divorce

Keep everyone out: Remind yourself of that universal proverb: good fences make good neighbors. No pre-selection of who will be brought into your inner circle once the divorce has been granted and no sharing your story with your spouse’s employer, best friend and sports friends. Privacy prevents the wrong message circulating and respects relationships. Appropriate

Valentine’s Day: It’s about people

A Roman history, a call to beloveds, a Hallmark creation, a candy bonanza. For me, it’s the people. The best friends, the embracing ‘family’, the intergenerational gathering. It’s the warmth, camaraderie and gently sincere queries which go deeper than a ‘how are you’ in passing. It’s the hugs and cheek- to- cheek kisses from long