Valentine’s Day: It’s about people

A Roman history, a call to beloveds, a Hallmark creation, a candy bonanza. For me, it’s the people. The best friends, the embracing ‘family’, the intergenerational gathering. It’s the warmth, camaraderie and gently sincere queries which go deeper than a ‘how are you’ in passing. It’s the hugs and cheek- to- cheek kisses from long

7 Wishes of a Family Law Lawyer

1. Ask yourself what outcomes you are seeking before you confirm your decision to separate. Who can assist you to understand the consequences of and implications to others when exercising those plans? 2. Use both listening and hearing without projecting your ideas, judgments, and opinions. Allow your mind to become silent to the ‘noise’ within

10 Holiday Traditions Upset? Or Reset?

Separation is accompanied by conflict, loss, and confusion for both the parents and children. The extended families may be fending off taking take sides. From their perspective, their long-standing involvement in the kids’ lives could be seriously jeopardized. Emotions already at a high, can be easily enflamed. Misunderstandings outnumber kind gestures. Children feel unsettled and

Divorce Fact or Fiction: Part 1

“If I own property in another country it’s clearly not martial property.” Bottom line: Depending on the circumstances, it may be true or false. Ask: In whose name and how was ownership taken? When was the property acquired? Was there a formal domestic agreement executed pursuant to Ontario Family Law Act and is this property

Resolving Parenting Disputes: Different Forums, Different Results

Litigation: In the Ontario family courts provide a stepped process which is neither cost nor time effective. Mediation programs offer litigating parents an attempt to find common ground before a judge determines the parenting arrangement for them.  Some mediation programs are geared to income making them accessible to all parents. Other tools available to the