Equalization of Property: What’s in and What’s out?

In Ontario if there is no domestic contract executed prior to or during the marriage, married spouses who face a breakdown in their relationship will divide the value of their respective family property according to the statutory scheme. An accounting by ownership and value of the property held by each spouse as at the date

Retroactive Spousal Support: Lost Opportunity? Or Maybe Not

Canada’s Divorce Act provides for retroactive spousal support with direction as to calculating duration and quantum of support from the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines . When spouses, common law or married, separate it commonly provokes a financial or economic crisis. Combined incomes paying for household, family, and personal expenses are now stretched to providing for

Understanding Divorce Papers

“Consider yourself served!” A stranger approaches you, confirms your name, and hands you a stack of papers. You’ve just been served with an Application for Divorce and the supporting documents. Here’s some basic information to help you understand some of the documents. Common features of each Ontario court document: the centre top of the front

Effective Parenting Plans: 5 Basics

Unique to each family: Each member’s needs and desires should be taken into account: running the family business and involving the older children to ensuring younger children have stimulating after school programs and optimum sports involvement to further develop their skillset. Parenting plans are more than mimicking another family’s schedule. Make it wholly relevant to

Divorce Satisfaction: Litigation vs. Collaboration vs. Mediation

How satisfied are family law or divorce clients using the different processes available to them? Let’s compare client experiences and people’s satisfaction under each process within the various family law approaches: the Litigation / family court process, the Collaborative approach to family law, and the Mediation process to family law by considering the available literature

Considering Later Life Divorce

Understanding the emotional response: Overwhelming, emotional, empowering or devastating? Welcoming support means receiving non- judgmental empathy, understanding, and perhaps silence? For those seniors who were not welcoming this new found single status, you may seek a renewed confidence to be able to find strength in a suddenly new world. Normalizing the event brings calm. Financial