Understanding Child Support – The Basics

Parents are familiar with the different categories of costs their children incur at any early age, as a teenager, and as an adult child entering post secondary educational program. When the family is intact, the expenses are often paid from a joint account. When a couple separates, who pays the child support, how much, and

Property Division and Fully Disclosure in Family Law Settlements

In the family law field, clients are asked and expected to produce documents demonstrating their income from all sources, property of all sorts and debts and liabilities. The probable value and currency, accuracy and completeness of the disclosure is paramount. Why? For a family law lawyer to be able to provide comprehensive legal advice to

WHO is managing your nest egg?

By Referral Resource Julie Brough, CFA, CFP  Strangely enough, few people know very much about the person they entrust with their financial security.  It continues to surprise me how little the financial services industry has done to educate their clients to the different skill sets and services available within the industry.  As a result, investors

Crisis during Negotiation of an Agreement

Whether clients are married or cohabiting, separation is an emotional and often stressful time. Once the terms of an agreement have been reached on how the negotiations will proceed -collaborative approach, mediation, or traditional negotiations – from there it’s a matter of gathering all the relevant documentation to prove ownership and value. What happens when

Spousal Support: It’s a Two Way Street

Belinda would boast to her colleagues how proud she was that her spouse didn’t have to work. She earned enough for the family and they lived well. Once the children were in full day school, that song changed. Her family company was bought out and staff redundancy planning was well underway. Belinda’s encouragement of her