I’m in My 60s and Want a ‘Silver Separation’. Can You Help Me?

lorisa stein silver separationCertainly! Silver separation or a grey divorce is common now as baby-boomers decide for many reasons such as economic and personal independence, belief in a better life ahead, or anticipating a long life yet to live as their parents are experiencing that it is time to strike a new path. For some it is the high property values, long term retirement pensions, and frugal saving over the years which lead them to choose now to separate or …to remarry!

Many of my clients ending 20+ year marriages discuss how to share increased property values over their multi decade marriages, taking a role in their grandchildren’s lives without concern for paying child support, continuing their own financial security, and transitioning into a retirement lifestyle from a full family household.  For those with small businesses, we bring in experienced professionals to assist with the complex succession planning, winding down or selling the company or partitioning sections. Critical to all of these decisions is the same need to understand the legal issues and to plan wisely.