Leaving partnership, marriage

Leaving partnership, marriage

Emotional Response

The breakdown of the relationship is an unfortunate reality that happens in almost half of relationships including marriage. It can at first feel overwhelming: fearing the financial consequences, worrying about the children’s future, and feeling an immediate loss of identity.

Understand your emotional response to the circumstances you now find yourself. Your usual ability to reason through a difficult matter may be compromised by your anger. Dissipating the anger can be achieved by reaching out to family and friends or engaging in a regular active routine as simple as a brisk walk over the lunch hour to restore your reasoning mind.

Family Law Considerations

Deliberate and intentional consideration of what you need and want will assist you to secure a fair, reasonable, and practical resolution that doesn’t deny the other their proper entitlement. Define your unique personal values and clarify your family law goals which will become the foundation of your separation agreement.

Being able to make mindful decisions at this pivotal time in your life can provide clear direction to your family law lawyer. When you are ready, take steps to engage a family law lawyer you will trust, develop confidence in, and who truly understands your situation. You will find a professional advisor who will demonstrate the best practices for your situation and can simply explain even complex family law concepts to you. They will work efficiently and with your best interests top of mind.

Sustainable, Reasonable, Practical

How you proceed towards a durable resolution depends on your values, mindset, and outlook. Sustainable, reasonable, and practical separation agreements are developed with both parties’ participation out of court. Standards of civility and respect promote an atmosphere of trust and transparency. Face to face principled negotiations inspire creativity and getting past difficult roadblocks. Tough issues become opportunities to find a different way. Affinities between parents and children strengthen and family business partnerships weather the new reality.

Whether you are in a common law relationship or marriage the two legal issues of property sharing and financial support are often intertwined. In each regime, full financial disclosure will reveal ownership and value yet the lines of division are different.

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