Mother’s Day: Reflection, Remembrance and Reconciliation

lorisa stein mothers day reflection remembranceMother’s Day has traditionally served as a special opportunity to recognize all of our important ‘mothers’ who have contributed to our lives in many ways, in our formative years or today as adults. For some, it’s a day of reflecting upon all of the supportive, loving, and kind memories recalled with your own mother, mother-in-law or grandmother shared. For others, ‘mothers’ includes professional mentors, personal trainers,  even the restaurant waitress who’s always willing to lean in and share stories while offering a little advice on the side.  They all touch our lives, strengthening our dreams and guiding us to recognize reasonable steps and ‘the right thing to do.’

Perhaps most importantly, Mother’s Day is also an opportunity to reconcile any feuds, spats, or differences that may have hindered the continued growth of a meaningful relationship.  There comes a time when we move from needing a mother to cherishing that best friend. It’s a chance to bury the differences, which may seem rather petty today and offer a simple “How are you?” Mother’s Day could be the perfect time to unwind the tension to open a new dialogue for the future.

Whatever Mother’s Day means to you, it should mean more than just greeting cards and floral bouquets. It should, at the very least, mean seriously examining your parental relationships and reflecting upon whether you are genuinely at peace with where they stand.

To all of the mothers of all relationships,  genders, nurturing and supportive, we wish you a happy, healthy and safe Mother’s Day.