Lorisa is an outstanding family lawyer who helped me immensely as a single dad going through a very hard time in an un-amicable separation in Toronto, ON on what was a difficult, complicated and challenging case given kids and properties were involved.

She was extremely knowledgeable, and explained the law and processes well, much better than the other two family lawyers I have had in the past.

She is very detailed and took the time to really get a complete grasp of the situation, developed an amazing strategy for my case, and fought for the things that were important to me, and did so in a professional and respectful way.
Lorisa did a great job of standing up for me against an adversarial opposing lawyer. She has the ability to be aggressive with the other side when required, assertive when needed, and collaborative when required.

Throughout the number of months that she represented me, she was always very honest and deeply in tune with the nuances of my situation, very responsive, and worked extremely hard.

Lorisa is a warm and caring individual, polite, kind, understanding, helpful, and supportive. She was always accessible and very communicative with calls and emails.

In what was a very sensitive and difficult time for me, Lorisa also played the role of a ‘life coach’ and ‘therapist’ that provided the advice, guidance and support that was instrumental in helping me get through the tough time.

Lorisa is a fantastic lawyer and individual who I regard highly with sincere appreciation. There aren’t words to fully describe what a great job she did. I would highly recommend her!

– GL G

Lorisa Stein is an experienced, empathetic and pragmatic family lawyer. I have worked with her on a very complicated, heart-wrenching issue and her advice is professional but also quite personal. She is intuitive about people and their relationships, but also savvy about family law and how to use it, or work around it. She has helped me see clearly through the murky details of my issue and helped develop a realistic strategy. I would highly recommend Lorisa if you need help with a separation, custody issue or any matter in need of family law advice. She’s damn good.

– Bill Garvey

Lorisa is very thoughtful with her time and advice. She will help guide you to make the right decision in many matters

– Juzar Dean

The day I contacted Lorisa for help she got back to me promptly and with a direct personal phone call. Right away she put my mind at ease and I felt incredibly comfortable. We spent about 5 months working together in Toronto, ON and within those 5 months, she was always reliable, efficient, professional and incredibly compassionate to my situation. I am forever grateful to Lorisa for helping me through a challenging time. I always felt like a priority and she listened to my needs wholeheartedly. Without Lorisa’s counsel, there is no doubt I would not have been able to achieve my objectives. Her experience and knowledge is extensive and I highly recommend Lorisa.

– Melissa Johnstone

I recently had an emergency legal situation requiring immediate help. I already had counsel that appeared increasingly unable or unwilling or both to help me. Out of desperation and only Google as a referral source, I called Lorisa shortly after 9 am. Answering her own phone she picked up on the second ring. I politely asked her for 5 minutes of her time and explained my predicament. She listened completely to what I had to say and as I learned later she took notes as I spoke as well. After I spoke she replied. Lorisa immediately recognized my panicked state and empathetically gave me soothing advice to calm down and to get my thoughts in order. She then proceeded to ask questions which I responded to. Afterward, she gave me step-by-step advice on what I needed to do to try and resolve my matter. And to ensure I got it, she repeated it. I took notes. We were about 15 minutes on the phone and in that time Lorisa, listened, commiserated with me briefly and then advised me in a polite concerning fashion. I took her advice and spent the next 3 days interacting with various components of the justice system. I’m very happy to say that with Lorisas’s counsel I achieved my objective and without it, I doubt I would have. My matters are not completed but they are progressing favourably and for that reason, I am somewhat ambiguous here as I need to be. At this juncture I will say this, Lorisa Stein is an absolute gem, a real professional and one of the very few in my experience willing to render assistance as a first response. I can’t thank her enough. She clearly has skills beyond law school and courtrooms that relate to genuineness and integrity. I’m not suggesting she can solve everyone’s problems and if she can’t she will honestly tell you that, but if your situation is within her area of expertise please take my advice and contact her. Thank you Lorisa.

– Paul MacDonald

Spoke with Lorisa Stein to get advice regarding family law. She was very easy to speak with from the get go and was concise but caring. Thank you, Lorisa for making me feel hopeful again.

– Lorry Barsubia

The easy part of a divorce is the material things. The difficult part is the process and closure. Lorisa accomplished what I needed in just three months. This compared to my previous lawyer who struggled for years. It’s not about the fees even though Lorisa fees were really inexpensive. It’s about the experience and confidence that comes with Lorisa Family Law Services. I wish I had engaged her years ago. From my perspective and experience, she is the best Family Law Lawyer in Toronto. Highly recommended…

– Mohan Persuad

From the first moment I met Lorisa, our interaction was very positive. She made me feel very at ease. She always had time to answer questions to make things clearer. She is a positive person. Always professional. Her experience with Family Law is extensive. She is very knowledgeable and fair. She knows the law. She really pays attention to the small details. I appreciated that she was always engaged and focused every time we met. She kept us on track and focused. What a great lawyer and person to deal with! I would definitely recommend her for your Family Law Lawyer!

– Kimberly Walsh

My husband Michael spoke with Ms. Stein earlier today. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We are so impressed with her broad understandings of law and her overall kindness.

– Cathy Gormley

Lorisa is the utmost professional and her years of experience came in very handy for my situation. She is very personable and we got along so well. I actually looked forward to our appointments! I highly recommend Lorisa Stein as your Family Law Lawyer.

– Sonia Travares