Valentine’s Day: It’s about people

lorisa stein valentines dayA Roman history, a call to beloveds, a Hallmark creation, a candy bonanza.

For me, it’s the people. The best friends, the embracing ‘family’, the intergenerational gathering. It’s the warmth, camaraderie and gently sincere queries which go deeper than a ‘how are you’ in passing.

It’s the hugs and cheek- to- cheek kisses from long time authentic friends. No agenda are other than being respectful, joyful, kind, and helpful when needed. They easily read my frustration when I’m learning a new sport and offer strength. They normalize my stress and lead me to discover a peaceful resolution.

It’s the mentor who offers sage advice and accepts a smile in return.

It’s my study group who set their calendars not to miss meetings and offer up incredible snacks as we get into energizing and reflective discussions.

It’s the children who honour my house rules with cleaning up after they play and sharing the toys and helping in the most interesting ways to prepare the nibbles.

It’s my colleagues who share innovative collaborative solutions, lament the emotional struggle of separating families, and face long hours to provide amazing service to our deserving clients.

It’s the listening and hearing of others explain their personal struggles and inspiring goals. It’s a profound conversation with hysterically funny interludes.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a people day for me. It’s also the day before my birthday. So, yes, there’s got to be chocolate.

  • Finding the memory of Valentine’s Day past hard to bear given separation is in your future? Let’s talk about your legal rights and obligations. Please contact Lorisa Stein through her website homepage or Contact page or by calling her at 416 595-8081, her direct line.