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Collaboration is Key

The adage ‘pulling together in the same direction” is profoundly a propos in family law negotiations The planning, expressing interests, and weaving reasonable expectations into a thoughtful and practical contract is hard work and the resultant durable agreement worthwhile. While conflict may arise and roadblocks temporarily slow progress, exacerbating differences isn’t tolerated.



Developing a comprehensive domestic agreement includes defining its scope, purpose, substantive provisions, and what rights and obligations will be included or waived. The factual foundation must be accurate and the language comprehensible to the parties who will be referencing the document from time to time until all obligations under the agreement are satisfied.

Durable Resolution

Robust domestic contracts need to meet criteria on several fronts to avoid being challenged and all or part of the document being set aside. From satisfying proper legal form to appropriate financial disclosure to how each party to the agreement feels about the final version of the document, each factor can influence the durability of a domestic contract. To sample the broad scope of these factors, here are five to consider.



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