Collaborative Separation Agreements: Pros + Cons

How you proceed forward once the decision to separate has been taken by one spouse requires some consideration. The values, work ethics, and best practices of the lawyer you retain are just as important as the forum in which you proceed. It is also important that you and your lawyer see eye to eye on

Separation Agreements: Choosing your Lawyer and Your Approach 

Being ready to decide and choosing to separate is difficult and emotional. Readiness means you have accepted that your relationship is no longer viable and can’t be ‘fixed’. You are self-aware how that emotional roller-coaster can hijack logical thinking and you’ve taken steps to manage your grief and start the process of addressing your future.

Is My Professional Degree a Marital Asset?

During separation negotiations, the value of your advanced or professional degree may come into question. If you attained the degree during the marriage, your spouse may argue that it is considered property, and therefore subject to an equal division of its value. It is important that you understand the worth of the degree and its

5 Basic Legal Rights When Given a Family Law Contract to Sign

Independent Legal Advice: You have an inalienable legal right to seek to independent legal advice from a lawyer of your choice before you sign a prenup, marriage contract or separation agreement. If the person telling you that you don’t need a lawyer, don’t sign the document. Free will and the ability to understand the proceeding:

“Family Law Lawyers Just Complicate Things”

Well-intentioned prospective clients are eager to share of all the information they learned from the Internet with their lawyer. Without a critical eye to assess their personal circumstances objectively and without any formal education in the law, much of the ‘research’ can be misguided. Many clients don’t understand why a lawyer redirects their enthusiasm away

Succeeding at Negotiation: 3 Strengths to Resolve Problems

The welfare of the family may be financially dependent upon the health of the family business. In most cases, the collective goal of the family is to keep that enterprise thriving, growing, and profitable. When a family is going through a tough separation or divorce transition, there will be parallel and often intersecting interests: family

More Maxims & Musings Which Matter: Part 2

For more than two decades Lorisa Stein, an experienced family law lawyer practicing in Ontario, has listened to her clients express their needs and wishes as they journey through life. Embarking on a new relationship, taking their marriage vows of facing the sometimes challenging path of separation and divorce her clients have appreciated Lorisa’s direct