Holiday Separations:  7 Critical Considerations

Separating during the holiday season can be complicated, balancing your own needs with the needs of your children and family expectations. Keep these considerations in mind as you transition into a separated family this season. Your children always come first Regardless of how you feel about your spouse, the key to good co-parenting is making

An Approach to Resolving Family Disputes

In the negotiation of a separation agreement, spouses quickly learn that they have different perspectives, needs, and views on the issues before them. Those views may be expressed in intractable terms with hard deadlines, and seemingly impossible to realize. Some of these claims may be demonstrative of fear alone instead of rational careful consideration of

Succeeding at Negotiation: 3 Strengths to Resolve Problems

The welfare of the family may be financially dependent upon the health of the family business. In most cases, the collective goal of the family is to keep that enterprise thriving, growing, and profitable. When a family is going through a tough separation or divorce transition, there will be parallel and often intersecting interests: family

Maxims & Musings Which Matter: Part 1

MAXIMS and MUSINGS WHICH MATTER:  PART 1 Lorisa Stein is a senior Ontario family law lawyer who, after more than a decade in the courts, moved to a settlement-focused collaborative family law practice. Through this lens and her interests in sports, design, mentoring, and ethics, she has developed some favourite truisms for her clients. Some

Essential Notes to the Collaborative Approach for Resolving Family Differences

Essential Notes to the Collaborative Approach for Resolving Family Differences What is it? For families, the collaborative approach is different. It’s a private and effective issue resolution process. It’s for those who want to help each other find the best solutions for their family problems. For the immediate concerns and for the long term. Couples