Collaborative Separation Agreements: Pros + Cons

How you proceed forward once the decision to separate has been taken by one spouse requires some consideration. The values, work ethics, and best practices of the lawyer you retain are just as important as the forum in which you proceed. It is also important that you and your lawyer see eye to eye on

Why Ask a Family Law Lawyer for Advice?

Transitions in our personal lives signal a new journey tumbling with emotion, stress, and at times overwhelming our daily lives. Families aren’t predictable. Alliances are dynamic and change over time. Emotional responses interrupt our brain’s natural ability to think clearly, analyze data, and make plans appropriate to the situation. Some of that emotional stress interrupts

Holiday Separations:  7 Critical Considerations

Separating during the holiday season can be complicated, balancing your own needs with the needs of your children and family expectations. Keep these considerations in mind as you transition into a separated family this season. Your children always come first Regardless of how you feel about your spouse, the key to good co-parenting is making

Hurdles to Overcome as a Divorce Client

Martial partners who have decided that their troubled relationship is beyond reconciliation may face several roadblocks before their separation is complete. To manage expectations from start to finish, and to allow for more productive and efficient conversations with their family law lawyer, divorce clients should be mindful of the following items. Lack of financial disclosure:

3 Lessons from the Divorce Journey

Divorce can be a life-altering event shaping a spouse’s perception of the world around them. During the process of divorce, separating spouses can receive input from several different sources, including their family law lawyer. With so many influencers having a rooted interest in the separation, it is easy for clients to become overwhelmed by the

2016’s Worst Divorce Tips

Recent advances in technology have afforded more people the ability to have instant access to information. One result is the wide dissemination of misinformation and inaccurate advice which when mistaken for and relied upon as valid legal advice can lead to poor decision making on important family law matters. In life-altering transitions, such as divorce,

Surviving Your Divorce

Keep everyone out: Remind yourself of that universal proverb: good fences make good neighbors. No pre-selection of who will be brought into your inner circle once the divorce has been granted and no sharing your story with your spouse’s employer, best friend and sports friends. Privacy prevents the wrong message circulating and respects relationships. Appropriate

10 Holiday Traditions Upset? Or Reset?

Separation is accompanied by conflict, loss, and confusion for both the parents and children. The extended families may be fending off taking take sides. From their perspective, their long-standing involvement in the kids’ lives could be seriously jeopardized. Emotions already at a high, can be easily enflamed. Misunderstandings outnumber kind gestures. Children feel unsettled and