Property Division and Fully Disclosure in Family Law Settlements

In the family law field, clients are asked and expected to produce documents demonstrating their income from all sources, property of all sorts and debts and liabilities. The probable value and currency, accuracy and completeness of the disclosure is paramount. Why? For a family law lawyer to be able to provide comprehensive legal advice to

WHO is managing your nest egg?

By Referral Resource Julie Brough, CFA, CFP  Strangely enough, few people know very much about the person they entrust with their financial security.  It continues to surprise me how little the financial services industry has done to educate their clients to the different skill sets and services available within the industry.  As a result, investors

Crisis during Negotiation of an Agreement

Whether clients are married or cohabiting, separation is an emotional and often stressful time. Once the terms of an agreement have been reached on how the negotiations will proceed -collaborative approach, mediation, or traditional negotiations – from there it’s a matter of gathering all the relevant documentation to prove ownership and value. What happens when

A Child’s Place? Being a Child

From a parent’s perspective: the goal is to keep the children away from their adult business. Private conversations. Absences by one or both parents at meal times. Hushed voices. From the children’s perspective: the emotional huddles, the atypical outbursts and the squabbling over simple scheduling matters spell out something is amiss and very wrong. The

Valuations in More Detail

Valuations are an important part of resolving property and support issues in a family law matter. Assets subject to being valued include the matrimonial homes, family businesses, hobby farms, and securities held in investment portfolios.  An income stream from investments, rental properties, and family business are also common sources from which support obligations are paid.