A Lawyer is Drafting Your Separation Agreement?

Online kits to help you complete your separation agreement with checkboxes may look like they solve all your problems: they are readily available, fully customizable, and easy to skip over language you don’t understand.  The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ aptly applies.   You won’t recognize conflicting provisions or out of date

Why Ask a Family Law Lawyer for Advice?

Transitions in our personal lives signal a new journey tumbling with emotion, stress, and at times overwhelming our daily lives. Families aren’t predictable. Alliances are dynamic and change over time. Emotional responses interrupt our brain’s natural ability to think clearly, analyze data, and make plans appropriate to the situation. Some of that emotional stress interrupts

Holiday Separations:  7 Critical Considerations

Separating during the holiday season can be complicated, balancing your own needs with the needs of your children and family expectations. Keep these considerations in mind as you transition into a separated family this season. Your children always come first Regardless of how you feel about your spouse, the key to good co-parenting is making

Graduations and Weddings!

 GRADUATIONS AND WEDDINGS! The families are assembling to celebrate and rejoice! The kids are graduating from kindergarten and grade school and high school and colleges and universities. Student loans to be settled and education and moving tax credits are ending. With new jobs come new apartments. Child support obligations start to wind down as the

How Do I Figure Out a Checklist of What Matters to Me?

The first questions should focus on how you want to proceed. Here’s an example: Do you want to be heard about what matters to you? If this is an important issue for you, then consider staying away from choosing an approach like court where your ‘hired gun’ does all the talking. What does being heard

Imputing Income: 3 Responses to 3 Risky Scenarios

Imputing Income: 3 Responses to 3 Risky Scenarios Canadian child support legislation reiterates society’s desire to hold children’s welfare as the first financial priority for families upon separation. A tenant of that principle is the consistent treatment objective of the Child Support Guidelines (CSG). Both spouses earning the same income yet applying different tax treatments