An Approach to Resolving Family Disputes

In the negotiation of a separation agreement, spouses quickly learn that they have different perspectives, needs, and views on the issues before them. Those views may be expressed in intractable terms with hard deadlines, and seemingly impossible to realize. Some of these claims may be demonstrative of fear alone instead of rational careful consideration of

Separation Agreements: Avoiding Common Misconceptions (Part II)

Part I of Separation Agreements: Avoiding Common Misconceptions  Preparing a list of terms to be drafted into a partial or final separation agreement can be an overwhelming task for spouses during this period of transition. Consulting with friends and family who have gone through such a family transition may inadvertently invite some myths and misconceptions into

Separation Agreements – 5 Reasons Why Family Enterprises Require Special Attention

When the decision-makers of the family enterprise realize that their domestic relationship is breaking down balancing the family’s transition with the needs of the business is a tough act. Taking a collaborative approach to resolving the legal issues arising at separation bodes well for the ongoing health of the business. Here’s why. Emotional suffering distracts

Domestic Contracts: When It’s Not Quite Over

The wedding is in weeks and the marriage contract needs to be concluded.  A copy of the signed separation agreement identifying the size of your equalization payment is needed by the financing institution to qualify for the mortgage for your new home. Whether you are negotiating a prenup agreement, marriage contract, or separation agreement, you

Regaining Momentum: CMAJ Article July 2016

This article was originally published in the Humanities section of the Canadian Medical Association Journal on July 25th, 2016.  Regaining momentum In 1994, after 15 years of nonstop, sedentary postsecondary education, I vowed to learn a new sport every winter and every summer. So, in the winter of 2003, I set out to learn indoor

When is a Common Law Partnership ‘Official’?

There is great confusion about common-law partnerships. They are a distinct domestic household union recognized by family law courts including the Supreme Court of Canada. Common-law partnerships are not a subset of being married, however, they share some elements in common. There is no distinction between same-sex or opposite-sex common-law partnerships. From the nationwide 2011