Top 10 Tips to Transition Back to School

Sharing the setting of school routines: delegating incremental responsibility as your child grows by working together to set house rules and standards of acceptable behavior. By enjoining each child, they learn about decision making, family values, and accountability to themselves and to each person in the family. Blended and step families may have different schools

10 Best Steps for Co-Parents to ‘Clear the Air’

Understand the value to you and your family’s wellness to manage this conflict to peaceful resolution Deescalate the tension by offering an invitation to talk in a private setting Keep interference from extended family and friends at bay to ensure privacy and focused communication between the co-parents Initiate the conversation to limit the negative impact

Top 10 Tips to Transitioning to a Blended Family / Domestic Mergers

Build new personal relationships slowly. When I graduated from law school a few decades ago, it was ‘common knowledge’ that a person leaving a significant relationship will be ‘healed in about 6 months’. The new guideline is two years. It’s a more realistic fencepost and if you’re not feeling like yourself by that time, consult

Graduations and Weddings!

 GRADUATIONS AND WEDDINGS! The families are assembling to celebrate and rejoice! The kids are graduating from kindergarten and grade school and high school and colleges and universities. Student loans to be settled and education and moving tax credits are ending. With new jobs come new apartments. Child support obligations start to wind down as the